Pollen Monitoring Program (PMP)

8th International Meeting

University of Tartu, Estonia, May, 2011

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the PMP (Pollen Monitoring Program) 8th International meeting, held in Tartu, Estonia, 20th - 22th  May 2011.

Here You will find detailed information on dates and deadlines, registration, fee and payment, abstract submission and program as well as links to useful traveler information.

The information presented on web will be updated regularity to give you as up to date information as possible. If you have any further questions or suggestions concerning the meeting in Tartu do not hesitate to contact organizes.

Please note the possibility to influence the program of the meeting by voting for the content of the practicals.

The conference will be held in Raadimõisa hotel (www.raadihotell.ee). The Hotel is situated on the northern boarder of Tartu, close to Raadimõisa estate and is about 2.5 km away from city centre. The surroundings of Raadimõisa Hotel are well suited for variety of recreational activities. From the Hotel opens a magnificent view to a Manor complex of the Estonian National Museum (www.erm.ee/?lang=ENG&node=1047), Raadi Lake and the Raadimõisa mansion, that currently lies in ruins. Special guided tours in Manor complex of the Estonian National Museum are available for participants and accompanying guests upon request.

The meeting will be organized by members of PMP steering committee (i.pidek % poczta umcs lublin pl) and PMP members from Tartu Anneli Poska (poska % gi ee), Kersti Kihno (kersti12 % gmail com) and Vivika Meltsov (vivika.meltsov % gmail com), in cooperation with Tartu University (www.ut.ee), Tallinn University of Technology (www.ttu.ee), University of Tallinn (www.tlu.ee) and Estonian University of Life Sciences (www.emu.ee).

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!